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    A lot "invalid frames" when using the FX3 at a high speed USB port



      at the moment i am trying to do my first steps in developing software for the FX3.


      I have an USB hardware analyzer, which i use to record traces of the communication between the PC and the FX3.


      This analyzer can only record USB high speed, so i use the FX3 at a USB 2.0 port with transmission speed "high speed".


      Already during downloading of an image i see a lot of "invalid frames" in the trace.


      Downloading itself works, because i think, USB is doing a lot checks and repititions, so error are corrects.


      Has someone a clue what it could be? I am using a FX3 with the VID=1480 / PID=0000 problem.


      Could it be a chip problem? Layout problem (it is a custom board)? What else?


      Has someone already taken USB hardware traces? Are there also "invalid frames" in your traces?


      (I have attached a zipped trace, which can be opened with software from http://www.ellisys.com)


      Best regards,