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       when i am debugging a project  the tool is showing this ERROR"" 'Failed to send JTAG packet (jtagio)' received while attempting to read memory 0x00000000-0x00000002"""


      what should i do to avoid this?????


      also please give replies for the previous POSTS which i have sent to U.......

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          I normally set the Miniprog3 interface to SWD and not to JTAG. Afaik you need a special debugging equipment to use JTAG.


          So: what is your configuration? and:When using Miniprog3, did you switch to SWD?





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            in the JTAG mode i am unable to see the stored data............Also i tried in SWD mode ....in SWD mode it is showing the "Slect debug target "window with blank space...so i am unable to connect to the KIt....

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              To debug with a miniprog3 you MUST use SWD. So your first aim should be to set up SWD. 


              If the Miniprog does not show up in the list of available devices you'll have to start over to connect it to your PC.


              Unplug miniprog3, Reset PC, connect miniprog3, wait (check lamps) , open Creator, setup debugging connection...


              Have a look into your  accompanying documentations.


              Some errors may be caused by a bad USB-Cable, exchange that with a short one.




              Hope that helps



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                Is this a custom board or a Cypress kit? If a kit,then which one is it?


                Are you programming it via Creator or Programmer?


                Like bob said,check all your physical connections,i.e.


                1,the 10pin connector


                2,the USB cable.


                See if the miniprog enumerates properly,and we can then help you further with debugging your programming issues.

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                  There is a second thread from Naru and it turns out that both problems are related to the setup of the debugging environment.


                  Naru set the 5-pin connector in the software and not 10-pin.





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                     Bob, I also found additional confilcts from the picture that NARU had uploaded, here goes my explanation,






                    NARU's board seems to be powered externally with a 3.3 V supply. In the picture that he has attached, in the status window, observe the Measured voltage, it is 3360mV. PSoC Programmer tells you that the device is not powered because his chip is supplied 3.3V and he has selected the 5V option under programming characteristics. If the board is externally powered, it is always recommended to set the programming mode to "RESET" and not "POWER CYCLE".