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       how can i RESET the PSoC kit to to the state in which I received the kit....?????????


      i am using "CY8CKIT _001" PSoC development kit......

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          The default settings of all switches and jumpers are noted in the accompanying materials. You probably are talking about the initially programmed PSoC3 module with which a selftest was run. You'll find it (among other docs) here : http://www.cypress.com/?rID=37464 .





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            Yep, you can find all the required resources on the link provided by Bob. You can as well find the same stuff on the CD that comes with your kit. May be you can narrow down your question and be more specific so that people will quickly help you with precise answer. Are you trying yo reprogram the chip?

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              when i debug any other program the TOOL is showing this message........"" dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire. There may be no devices attached, or a device may be in use by another application.......""


              every thing is Properly connected ......"""'""what should i do to avoid to avoid this""""".......

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                I made the experience that when using the miniprog3 in Creator 2.0 by "Program Device" it becomes blocked to use it in Debug-mode. As I told on your other post: You must set up your Miniprog3 as SWD-connection. Have you got a Kit-001? If yes, try the following:


                Connect the miniprog3 with the ribbon-cable to your PSoC5 processor-module and set up the SWD-connection, with "allow to power Target" . Start a new PSoC5 Project, select the correct target  (ES2?) build Project and try to connect. 





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                   Now i connected the Miniprog3 to PSOC5 Module and set it in SWD mode.....but now i am unable to see the watch Window other windows in the "DEBUG->WINDOWS......In PSOC Programmer it is showing ""NOT POWERED"""as  i shown in Picture which i have sent.....

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                    You did not follow the instructions correctly, you are in Programmer again, which you must avoid to debug.


                    Go To Creator 2.0


                    Tools -> Options... -> Program / Debug -> Miniprog3


                    Here select SWD, set power accordingly, Reset, 10 Pin !!!! (You have used 5Pin, that's wrong!!!)


                    That will do the trick. Do not use the Programmer when debugging.





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                       Naru, what BOB has told in the previous comment is something that you want to try first. 


                      I also find another major issue. Your board seems to be powered externall with a 3.3 V supply. In the picture that you attached in the status window, observe the Measured voltage, it is 3360mV. PSoC Programmer tells you that the device is not powered because your chip is supplied 3.3V and you have slected the 5V option under programming chracteristics. If you your board is externall powered it is also recommended to set the programming mode to "RESET" and not "POWER CYCLE".

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                        Yes U2,


                        it are always the tiny hints at the lower right-hand corner of the windows....


                        That's why I used the term "set power mode accordingly" (Broad smile [Smileys will not work for me, they crashe the posting]) 





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                          Thankuuu very much for ur support......Here my main theme is to see the stored data when i give sine wave(FREQ:<250 hz,,amp:1V)  as a input signal(AN52705).........i got one output once u plz see that in picture and PLZ give reply whether it is correct one or not...... 

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                            Yes, looks as it should. The program halted (Yellow Arrow) at the very first instruction of your program. By clicking into the leftmost column of your code you may set a "Breakpoint" (shows as a red bubble) and with the "Resume Execution" instruction under  the Debug-menu you can... well, what the button says!




                            Bob (wiping the sweat from by brow)

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                              But using that stored data how can i see the """"ANALOG WAVEFORM """in the CRO????

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                                Well, at first I would say: "By connecting the CRO to your Kit-001"


                                but obviously this doesn't work as you expect. I think, now it's the time for (no, not the "brave men") uploading your example-project here to have us a look on what you are trying to do.


                                To do so in Creator:


                                Build -> Clean Project


                                File -> Create workspace Bundle(minimal)


                                and then upload here your Zipped Project.