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    Read from UART in Dma-mode




      I want to read from the FX3's UART which is configured in DMA-mode. The according DMA-channel is set to Manual_In between the UART-producer and the CPU as the consumer.


      I connected a serial cable between the FX3 eval-board and my PC.


      In the firmware I use the function CyU3PDmaChannelGetBuffer() to read from the DMA-channel. On PC-side I use a simple console-program to type some signs and send it to serial-port.


      Unfortunately I can't receive anything in the FX3 via the UART DMA in-channel, means I can't see any activity on UART_RX-pin of the eval-board!


      Transmitting data from FX3 to PC via another UART DMA out-channel works fine!


      Did anybody implemented a thing like this successfully? Where could be the failure?


      Do I receive the DMA-buffer only if it's full or which event must happen that the CyU3PDmaChannelGetBuffer() returns w/ the received data?