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    PSoC5 output pins driven during sleep?

       Are the PSoC5 output pins driven during sleep?  For example, I have various active-high and active-low shutdown pins on other chips.  I want to set those up in a high and low combination, and then put the PSoC5 to sleep.  Will those output pins hold and drive their respective high and low values while the PSoC5 is asleep, without the need for external pull-up or pull-down resistors (which add current consumption during sleep)?

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          Hi Helmut,




          PSoC 5 will retain the drive levels of the pins when it goes to sleep.


          Hence, if an output pin was held high and if the device is put to sleep, the high state of the pin will be retained.




          It is the responsibility of the user to set the appropriate drive levels for the pins before putting the device to sleep, else the power consumed during the sleep period will be more than what is expected.