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    share of my debugging experience---why the transfer word are all zeros.

      Once I have encountered such a problem: all the bytes I write into the FIFO are zeros.


      I found external microprocessors  can't drive 68013A's databus easily. even the external microprocessors drive all the databits high. the voltage on the databus is only 0.7 volt. 


      it's so strange.


      so i was angry, i added the 16244a to drive the  datat bus, that time the 16244a finally drive the data bus to high as i want.


      however, the 68013 is very hot.


      it became stranger.


      I read the datasheet of 68013 again. i found out the 68013's digital gate is CMOS gate, it can be drive high easily theoretically.


      I don't know why it is so.


      finally one time i found out the SLOE is unconnect, immediately i understand that i set  the SLOE is active high ,but the unconnect pin is always about 2.4volt.


      so i pull down the SLOE pin . and the problem is resolved.