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    problem of finishdatatransfer in streamer



      I use streamer to read data from USB board(3014).As the source data is increase packet by packet I find that I miss some packet by detecting the header of the packets.but I examine all the packets transmited in USB Analyzer, It shows all the packets has reached the PC host correctly. The length of packet is 16KB and I choose 2 packets per xfer.


      After debuging the streamer project I find that the reason of missing packets is that the finishdatatransfer() fail. how can I get the error code so as to analize the reason. And to my surprise sometimes I can read data correctly and sometimes miss some data.And if I choose larger num of packets per xfer I will miss data more frequently.


      I am confused by this probelm for a long time. could you help me to fix it or give me some suggestions?


      Thanks and Best Regards