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    FAILED! Can not enter Debug Mode


      I keep on getting this error.


      I am using a custom board layout with a CY8C3244LTI-123 chip.  There was an error while execute any function (programm,checksum, read, verify, or erase.) :   (PSoC  Programmer received error (FAILED! Can not enter Debug Mode of PSoC3 device)).   


      PSoC programmer version is


      I made next the custom board layout with another CY8C3244LTI-123 chip and tried enter Debug Mode, but unsuccessfully. 
       When I tried programming  the device out of PSoC Creator, then  device  CY8C3244LTI-123 is visible, but no by connecting.  




      When I received these chips, the package contains the inscription "p/n:CY8C3244LTI-123-ND". What it means "ND".