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    PSoC1 Application Note Finder

          The Cypress website has over 50 application notes on PSoC1 covering a wide range of topics. The attached Excel tool lists these app notes and enables customers to identify a relevant one based on domain tags, document complexity, supported devices, availability of example project, supported software version and hardware kit.   
          The first four columns provide different types of tags for the document based on its content domain, application function, type of PSoC building blocks or IP, and document complexity. This enables users to filter and sort based on these tags and list relevant application notes available for download. Information on attached example project, supported PSoC Designer version and hardware platform used to test the project is also provided for each application note. The last few columns list the supported PSoC1 device family addressed by each application note. Users can sort and filter on any combination of these columns to quickly narrow down on a desired application note.