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      • 1. Re: Cypress FX3 MCU and the Beagle USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer



        I am using the Beagle 5000 to debug USB 2 and USB 3 issues and this analyser is a really good piece of equipment. One of the big advantages of the Beagle 5000 is you can see USB traffic in real time - as the USB traffic is occuring it is displayed with the TotalPhase DataCenter software. This is a big improvement on some other analysers where you have to record the USB traffic, stop and then play it back only to find out that it does not include the information you want and so the process has to be started again etc. Another plus is the way the data is displayed - you can easily get a good overview of the USB traffic or  display the traffic at a very detailed level. Given the large volumes of data with USB 3, being able to display this  without overwhelming the user is a challenge but Totalphase are able to do this very well. The user can also switch in or out a lot of filters to display only USB traffic of interest. For example if you  want to look at USB traffic for endpoints 2 and 0 and for a particular USB device this can be added to the data filter window and almost at once the display changes to show the area of interest. The Beagle 5000 features a wide range of triggers to begin the data capture. There are two purchase options for this, basic triggers and the more advanced triggering. I have the basic trigger version and find it is good enough:  most of the time I am using the manual trigger - click record. Recording both USB 2 and USB 3 together is included in the advance option and one that I don't have - in this case you can only record USB 2 or USB 3 but again I haven't found this a problem.


        Totalphase technical support is very good -  response within a day.