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    Strange behaviour of FX3 in full speed mode



      I am using the following environment: Win7 64 Bit, C++ Bulk Loop Application and USBBulkLoopAuto firmware from the SDK V1.0 (no changes made).




      Now I connect the FX3 through a Maxxtro USB 1.0 or 1.1 hub (not sure if it is 1.0 or 1.1) to a USB 2.0 port of my computer and download the FX3 firmware. I can then run the BulkLoop Application with 1024 Bytes transfer size and start value 2. No problem here. But when I switch the data pattern to "Random Byte", the application hangs after a few successful transfers. The same happens if I choose "Incrementing DWORD" as data pattern. Strange enough, "Incrementing Byte" works fine and also the C# BulkLoop application seems to work fine.




      Can anyone repeat this behaviour? The FX3 should be USB 1.0 compliant isn't it?