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    different function pin of CY7C68013


        Is it possible to set PA0 and PA1 as interrupt input while using PA4 and PA5 as fifoaddr at the same time ??

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          Hi George,




          In Slave FIFO mode, PA4 and PA5 by default act as FIFOADR lines. Thus, in order to use PA4 & PA5 as FIFOADR lines, you just need to configure FX2LP in Slave FIFO mode. Once in Slave FIFO mode, you can select between the functions of PA0/1 pins. It can either be used as GPIO or INT pins. In order to use them as INT pins set PORTACFG.0/PORTACFG.1 accordingly.


          i.e. It is possible to use PA0/1 as INT pins, and PA4/5 as FIFOADR lines. For that the settings should be as follows:


          IFCONFIG[0:1] = 11


          PORTACFG[0] = 1


          PORTACFG[1] = 1