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       We are designing a system needing 2Ms/s sampling rate, but the PSOC 5 only have 700kbs/s. From the datasheet i can see it is based on a 14 Mhz clock, but what happens if you go to a higher clock.? I am pretty sure the accuracy will go down, but that is not so important in my case (6-7bit is fine). Can anybody tell me what will happen?


          Usually there is no answer to a question that says "what happens if I use the device outside the spec?" The spec is there for a reason and that is how the device is tested. You can do your own characterization and share with the forum but I would be very surprised if Cypress or for that matter any other vendor would tell you you can use the part with 3x overclocking.


          Sorry pal, if 2 MS/sec are required, you might need a stand alone ADC.

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            It is like a sign telling "Keep off the Grass", you'll never be able to tell beforehand what will happen if you put up a tent there, but you can be darn sure that it will come out for nothing good...