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    Warning: Cannot set breakpoint:


      Using CY8C3866PVI-021ES3 and during debugging, I cannot add a breakpoint in one of the files. I get this message (edited the entire path to clarify):

           Warning: Cannot set breakpoint: 'C:\<path>\<project name>.cydsn\Generated_Source\PSoC3\ISR_1Second.c:145'.  Encountered error (No debug symobols for file 'C:<path>\<project name>.cydsn\Generated_Source\PSoC3\ISR_1Second.c'.).   

      This happens only in the code file for an interrupt called ISR_1Second.c (used to generate a one-second interrupt).


      I have another file in this same project that is almost identical (for a 50msec interrupt handler) and I am able to place breakpoints in that one.


      Thank you -

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          How many breakpoints have you used in this project? Can you please post your project file?







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             I'm having the same problem. It's also in an interupt routine that worked two days ago. I added a external variable and now it doesn't seem to execute the interupt and I can't set a debug in the function. I've deleted all other breakpoints, so that's not the problem.





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              One minor thing I have learned is to turn off compiler optimizations when debugging,


              I have had tools that rightly, eliminate redundant code, create jumps for that purpose to


              one code snippet, but tool would not tell you a BP can no longer be set on non existent


              code. I don;t think thats this problem in particular, but always worth a check.




              Its a compiler setting, code optimization level. Note, however, this will not work if you


              are right up against code FLASH size limitation, a problem I am now having.




              Regards, Dana.

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                A very gullible approach that has worked for me with this error message,is clearing all breakpoints(Using the menu options,not toggling them in the code window.),and setting them again.