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    Streamer compatible examples

      What examples are compatible with the C# Streamer app?  I've tried several, and in all cases, the streamer app shows "no device"


      I'm anxious to get a baseline example that shows USB2 transfer speeds of 20MB/s minimum.  The BulkLoop PC app does not show transfer speeds.

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          Use USBIsoSourceSink or USBBulkSourceSink example projects.


          Also please make sure that VID and PID of these projects are listed in the cyusb3.inf.




          sai krishna.

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            Thank you Sai.  I was able to get both examples to work with the Streamer application.  I saw noticably higher throughput using the Bulk example over the Isoch example.  Is this typical?  


            The highest throughput I saw (Bulk example) on USB2 was 13700 KB/s.  On USB3 it went up to 22100 KB/s.  This was with Packets / Xfer set to 128 and Xfers to Queue at 16.  I am hoping to get 20 MB/s minimum through USB2.  Is this posible with these examples?

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              Yes. It is possible.


              With USB3, we have seen something around 300MB/s with Bulk and around 150MB/s with ISO multi packets and using Burst.


              With USB2, 24MB/s with ISO multi packets, around 40MB/s with Bulk if there is no other device connected to host.


              There is a readme.txt in the corresponding project folders. That will teach you how to do performance optimization on these examples.