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    Ulink2 debugger


      Hi, I need to develop a USB3.0 system to transfer bulk data from FPGA to PC. Now I have the CYUSB3KIT-001 evaluation board and the Ulink2 (from Keil).Could I use the Ulink2 as the JTAG debugger to debug codes? Where can I download the driver?

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           I don't know the exact answer to your question. But I can point you to a document which has mentioned all the steps on how to use Seggar Jlink Probe with FX3 for debugging. Please refer to 12th chapter in the FX3 progammers manual.




          sai krishna.

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            Hi, sai krishna,


            Thank you for your reply. I also noticed the information to degug codes with JTAG from Segger. At present, I have a ULINK2 in hand, which supports the ARM9 processors. If it is possible, I want to make full use of the hardware.




            Lehua Chen