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    Once the FIFO full the GPIF stop but doesn't resume, and the GPIFTRIG has DONE.

      These days I'm using the GPIF to read data from the external.
      I set the GPIFTCB3:0 to be 8K, at the DP I use the TCxpire=1 as the condition that shift to the idle state. And at the DP the GPIF re-execute the control task---sample the databus.
      To avoid the uncertain initial value, I set the EPxGPIFPFSTOP to "0". I deliberately to avoid the GPIF Flag Stop.


      However, the GPIF only read 2K word(4KB) and refuse to read more(unless retrigger the GPIF), and the GPIFTRIG's bit 7 is 1.


      In the FX2 TechRefManual.pdf's page 10-42 line 9, it says "if the flag is asserted, the GPIF pause until the over/underflow threat is removed, then it automatially resumes" 


      But the fact is "it stops never resume", so can somebodyu tell me why it could be so?