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    Annoying behaviour in SDK 2.1.0


      After migrating from SDK 2.0.1 to SDK 2.1.0 we found a very annoying issue.

      After successfully building and downloading a new app from within the Eclipse IDE the following message appears:


      Move DIP switch 2 of SW4 to off position and push Reset button to start application


      This means that DIP switch 2 of SW4 has to be switched to the on position before downloading the app and then be switched to off to launch the app.

      We tested this on both Linux and MacOS. We haven't tested this on Windows yet.


      Our concern is that changing the state of this DIP switch will eventually lead into a mechanical failure of the DIP switch because such switches are not made for this.

      Why is this necessary? In SDK 2.0.1 it works without changing the DIP switch all the time.