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    USB FX2LP in Slave Mode

      I want to use the 'EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller' in the slave mode for data transfer from a 28335 CPU over its xintf zone 0.


      My setup is like -


      - I have 16 dedicated data lines connected to the FD[0]-[15]


      - FA[0]-[1] is used for access the address of the FIFO


      - 24 MHz external clck to IFCK, other signals like /SLCS, SLRD, SLWR, /SLOE, PCKTEND, Flags are connected to my setup


      My Problem: In order to write the read and write firmware, I am not sure how to control the USB data transfer using this setup.




      1. Can some body help in configuring the FX2LP in slave mode..?


      2. How to write the Registers on the USB controller, in order to configure the End Point RAM..?


      3. My assumption for Reading and Writing is that, the FIFO addresses can be accessed using the FA[0]-[1] signals {2^2 = 4 FIFO address of 512 bytes each}, is it correct..?


      Need urgent help in configuring the USB controller, so that i can use the data read and write functionality using the 'EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller'.