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    can't change central advertisement

      We want our central to advertise its ID all the time.

      But it only sends the ad set at boot-time specified by .local_name in the BLE_PROFILE_CFG array.

      When we change the ad, it still keeps sending the boot-time data.

      We copied the method to set the ad from our peripheral, which updates its ad ok.


      Here's how we set the ad:



      char ad_name_frame[LOCAL_NAME_LEN_MAX + 1];



      adv[0].len = 1 + 1;


      adv[0].val = ADV_FLAGS;




      sprintf(ad_name_frame, "zz %d %3d %2d %4d"



      adv[1].len = strlen(ad_name_frame) + 1;


      adv[1].val = ADV_LOCAL_NAME_COMP;


      strcpy(adv[1].data, ad_name_frame);


      bleprofile_GenerateADVData(adv, BLE_ADV_FIELD_ELEMENTS);