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    AT2LP: TEST_UNIT_READY timeout?


      Hi - this is a more general description of the problem I recently posted about:


      I'm trying to get the AT2LP bridge chip working on an old VxWorks version (5.5.1, with its USB 1.1 stack).


      - VxWorks recognizes the device on attachment, but there is a ~2 second delay during the initialization, where the AT2LP times out on the TEST_UNIT_READY SCSI command.


      A subsequent REQUEST SENSE command issued to the AT2LP indicates no error, and another TEST_UNIT_READY SCSI command is successful.


      However: when I try doing a listing of the files on the device from the VxWorks shell
        @ls "/usbMsblk/" 


      I see TEST_UNIT_READY sent, and another 2 second delay; the AT2LP does not respond successfully.


      There must be something wrong with the way VxWorks is initializing itself, or the device; it's either in the USB BOT driver messages, or the SCSI commands.


      Does anyone have any ideas, any place they can point me to? 
      Let me know if I can provide more details....thanks in advance...

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          Please attach the CATC trace, we want to look at the bus to understand what is happening?


          What is the storage device connected to AT2LP? Please attach the EEPROM configuration file as well (forum won't allow .iic extension attachment please change extension to .txt and attach).