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    AT2LP: TEST_UNIT_READY timeout?

      Hi - this is a more general description of the problem I recently posted about:


      I'm trying to get the AT2LP bridge chip working on an old VxWorks version (5.5.1, with its USB 1.1 stack).


      - VxWorks recognizes the device on attachment, but there is a ~2 second delay during the initialization, where the AT2LP times out on the TEST_UNIT_READY SCSI command.


      A subsequent REQUEST SENSE command issued to the AT2LP indicates no error, and another TEST_UNIT_READY SCSI command is successful.


      However: when I try doing a listing of the files on the device from the VxWorks shell
        @ls "/usbMsblk/" 


      I see TEST_UNIT_READY sent, and another 2 second delay; the AT2LP does not respond successfully.


      There must be something wrong with the way VxWorks is initializing itself, or the device; it's either in the USB BOT driver messages, or the SCSI commands.


      Does anyone have any ideas, any place they can point me to? 
      Let me know if I can provide more details....thanks in advance...