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    About the isolation between analog block and digital bus in PSOC3/5

      Dear Friends


      I met an issue when supporting a customer.That is:
      In the customer's hardware system now,the power supply and ground of the analog chips and microcontroller are separate.Except that the digital interface between evevry analog chip(like ADC) and MCU are isolated by
      Photo-Coupler.These are just like picture attached.
      But if we embed our PSOC5 in the circuit and replace the present analog chips and MCU,the main worry of customer is that how can the analog and digital be entirely separated.
      I know that the power supply and ground of the analog block and digital block are separated. But I don't know how do the analog block and digital BUS ,just like the function of Photo-Coupler.

      That's all of my question.Thanks a lot!