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    Filtering out Ads

      If I use the option

      filter_duplicates = HCIULP_SCAN_DUPLICATE_FILTER_OFF

      I get way too many ads.


      So, I currently use the  option


      filter_duplicates = HCIULP_SCAN_DUPLICATE_FILTER_ON

      But then I miss Ads that I want, or I don't get them immediately


      I currently send out an add that provides a value that can be incremented.

      Is there a filter (or way) that will signal me when the content of an Ad changes?


      Thanks, Mike

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          There is no hardware filtering for the changes in the advertisement data.  Your application is working on the same chip as the stack which receives advertisement, so you can implement filtering yourself by processing all advertisements and comparing with the previous advertisement data without losing much energy.  If you have specific latency requirement, for example you need to be notified about the data change within 5 seconds, you can filter out duplicates and restart scan every 5 seconds.

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