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    Throughput of Slave FIFO


      Hello, I have large amount of data to be transferred from FPGA to FX3 and then to PC (one direction). At present, our FPGA system is still in design. I plan to connect the related GPIF pins to GND or VCC to test the SlaveFifoAsync example. Then how could I check the throughput of the data transfer in this case (I did it in the USBBulkSourceSink example with Streamer)?

          Lehua Chen   
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          Have you tried with the same streamer application.


          You can use the same application for measuring the throughput in this scenario as well.


          Please make sure that VID and PID of SlaveFifoAsync example code is listed in the cyusb3.inf.




          sai krishna.

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            Hi, RSKV,

                Thank you for your reply.   
                I have put the VID and PID of SlaveFifoAsync in the list of cyusb3.inf.   
                %VID_04B4&PID_00F0.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb3, USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F0   
                %VID_04B4&PID_00F1.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb3, USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F1   
                 %VID_04B4&PID_00F2.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb3, USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F2   
                %VID_04B4&PID_00F3.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb3, USB\VID_04B4&PID_00F3   
                %VID_04B4&PID_4720.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb3, USB\VID_04B4&PID_4720   
                With this setting, I can only check the USBBulkloop examples with Bulkloop and USBBulkSourceSink and USBIsoSourceSink with Streamer. For SlaveFifoAsync, both Bulkloop and Streamer have no response. In the USB Control Center, I can download the SlaveFifoAsync.img to the RAM of FX3 and the bulk out transfer successes, as shown in the attachment. The bulk in transfer fails, the reason may be that the GPIF interface pins are floating. So I think the VID and PID settings are OK.   
                How could I activate the Streamer with the SlaveFifoAsync example?   
                Thank you,   
                Lehua Chen   
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               OK. I have gone through the Streamer application soruce code.


              Basically it is looking for the devices with PID F1.


              So, please change the PID value of SlaveFifoAsync example to F1. (You can go to cyfxslfifousbdscr.c file and change the PID value to F1).


              Then streamer application will identify your device without any issues.


              Please let me know if not.




              sai krishna. 

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                Thank you very much. It works now.

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                  Good to hear that. :)