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    Can't make PSOC1 DAC to work



      thanks to the community I've solved many problems but this one made me desperate.


      My project is controlling speed of a low power brushed dc motor by controlling openning of a mosfet transistor. I prototyped it with development kit-001 and psoc3 but due to the cost I have to move to psoc1. 


      None of my trial to start DAC working succeeded. I have gone through lots of appnotes and datasheets but still no luck. My project has to go to the PCB stage but I have no luck with choosing chip - PSOC3 is expensive but PSOC1 is not working.


      Cypress support is no help for me - they tend to reply once per 10 days with most ideas not relative to my project. I get more surveys from them then help.


      Lately I followed psoc1 example#3 "ADC to UART with DAC" just to make sure I do everithing right but again DAC not  working. I think, I missed something because compiled example is working. 


      Attached project is my trial to follow the examle with the same hardware settings and copied main.c - and still doesn't work. I can't understand that.


      Any help is greatly appreciated,




      and another questions: any ideas what the output impedance of the dac? do I have to buffer it with opamp in order to control gate of a mosfet?