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    CA68013A DOWNLOAD *.IIC TO EEPROM(no wave on iic bus)



          I tried to download "my_firmware.iic" to my CY68013A board with two bland new 24LC128 EEPROM(A0,A1,A2:1,0,0 and 1,1,0), below is what i did:


      1. Open Cypress suit usb 3.4.7->Cyconsole->EZ-USB interface


      2.Select download C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\FX2LP\Vend_ax\Vend_ax.hex to CY68013A's on chip RAM


      3.Set Req:0xA9, Value:0x0000, index:0x0000, Length:16, Dir:in,   i got:CD CD CD CD CD.........


      4.Set Req:0xA9, Value:0x0000, index:0x0000, Length:1, Dir:out, hex byte: 00


      5.Set Req:0xA9, Value:0x0000, index:0x0000, Length:1, Dir:in,  i got:CD again(that means now data be wrote in to EEPROM)


      6.Select lg EEPROM->"my_firmware.iic"  i got messagebox: EEPROM NOT ENABLED.


      7.I used a oscilloscope to IIC BUS during 0xA9 and lg EEPROM,  i found there is not wave on the BUS!!!


      Is there anybody can help me? Thanks!