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    Changing data in cyfxbulksrcsink and using Streamer



      Has anybody changed the data in cyfxbulksrcsink and verified the data inside Streamer? 




      We want to verify that our firmware and hardware are not dropping frames because of signal integrity.  I'm adding a frame number as the first byte of the data sourced by cyfxbulksrcsink.  Even with the Cypress evaluation board, I'm dropping frames.  The frame number pattern is always the same...if I start with frame number 100, the pattern is 0xAA 0x04 0x0C 0x14 0x1C 0x24 0x28.


      I understand why the test pattern 0xAA comes out as the first frame number.  But, why is the next frame number off by 4 and then 8 after that?  The first frame number received should be 0.