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    Keil and tools.ini

      I've installed PSoC Creator 1.0 on two PC's. Both times I've run into trouble with building my first project. The error generated in Creator is something to do with the Tools.ini missing. This time I'd thought I would post the to solution to my problem for any others that could use it.



      1. Locate the file  "Cypress Install Folder \ PSoC Creator \ 1.0 \ PSoC Creator \ import \ keil \ pk51 \ 8.16 \ _TOOLS.INI"
      3. Copy and rename "_TOOLS.INI" to "TOOLS.INI". Keep it in the existing folder.
      5. Register Keil. Open PSoC Creator > Help > Register > Keil > Get LIC via Internet. Once you have the LIC number enter it into step 2 and click Add LIC.

      I hope this will be usefull to someone.