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    SN8200 EVK+: WiFi-Connection break down in SoftAP-Mode

      We have some problems with the WiFi-Modul SN8200 and Wiced-SDK.

      When using the SN8200 as Soft-AP after some minutes the data throughput collapse and the connection breaks down.

      Our test set-up is the following: SN8200 is in Soft-AP-Mode, PC_1, PC_2 and PC_3 are WiFi-Clients. PC_1 open a HTTP-Server. PC_2 and PC_3 try to download a file from PC_1 at the same time. But the WiFi-connection break down after some minutes and the clients are disconnected. Only by rebooting the SN8200-Modul the connections can be reestablished.

      We use the Wiced-SDK (Version  2.4.1. including the murata patch) with the example-code (Snip/AP_Clients_RSSI) and adapted code with the same behavior.

      When we got the SN8200 EVK+ and did not change the software we were able to complete our test successfully. After downloading software using the Wiced-IDE we still have this issue.

      It looks like a SW-bug. Using the "AP_clients_rssi"-demo the ARM-Controller is still alive and print the error "Can't get the list of Clients" to UART and no connection to the AccessPoint is possible.


      Has anyboy an idea what this could be?