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    compiler for CY7C68013A



      I need to work on CY7C68013A usb high speed micro controller. I am designing my own hardware for small test applications initially, hence I dont have the evaluation kit pack in my hands. 


      What is the compiler and development IDE I should use for the developing my applications on CY7C68013A controller .


      I triied using Keil uvision compiler and IDE, but it throws the error    




          SPACE:   CODE    




          LENGTH:  0016H when I tried to compile the "Bulkloop" example project from cypress. 

          Is it because of the code size limitation on Keil evaluation version. ?   
          Can you suggest any better compiler and IDE (if possible, eclipse based), where things are more comfortable to navigate through the variable and function definitions. ?    
          Is there any free version of compiler available for CY7C68013A controller, which doesn't have any code size or any other limitations ?   
          Thank You