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    Multiple Threads

          Hello, everyone,   
          I test separately the Slave FIFO Syn example and the I2S example. They are working well. Now I need to combine these two firmware together. I want to create two threads, one for the Slave FIFO Syn ( P to U to PC; endpoint 0x81), the other for the I2S (PC to U to I2S; endpoint 0x01). In my program, there are two Thread_Entry(), each including its own application initialization (eg. CyFxSlFifoApplnInit ()). However the CyU3PUsbStart() and descriptors are called in both application initialization functions.  This induces that only one function can work (Slave FIFO Syn or I2S). What is the strategy to call the CyU3PUsbStart() and descriptors in the case of multiple threads?   
          Thank you very much