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    Nice feature in schematic editor.


       I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but I'd like to draw your attention to a nice little feature in the schematic editor in PSoC Creator.


      This is the 'Text Substitution' feature.


      It allows you to have caluculated and substitued text on the schematic.


      For example you could add a simple text field that shows when, and by whom, the document was last modified.


      To show the last modified date and time, simply create a text field and put this text in it: `=$Doc.LastModifiedOn`


      (Those are 'back apostrophies' not normal apostrophies and on my keyboard are found on the top row near the '1' key.)


      The substitutions can be parameters, calculations, enums or properties. For more information look up 'Text Substitution' in the Creator Help.