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    Analog inputs

      Hello all,


      I am working with a PSoc3 chip.  First time using the PSoC, and I am wondering can I send a sine wave into an analog input to a low pass filter inside the PSoC?  Since the PSoC is running at 3.3vdc the sine wave will canter on 1.5vdc and swing approximately 1vp/p.




      Is this allowable or is the analog input DC level only?  Also, if the answer is YES that I can send a sinewave into the device, can I take th eoutput of my PWM, and send it through an internal integrator and output a sine wave?




      Thank you in advance.





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          Yes, you can send in a sine wave to the PSoC3 - its inputs are perfectly capable to handle AC inputs (up to several MHz, depending on the voltage levels). But you cannot go below ground or above Vdda with your signal - but your proposed signal would be fine even with 3.3V Vdda.


          I think there is no internal integrator, but you should be able to build one by yourself using the inernal OpAmps and some external capacitors / resistors. Or you go experimental and digitize the signal and feed it into the digital filter...

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            Always examine data sheets to see if you are working withg R-R Inputs


            and outputs, otherwise limited CM range will limit pk-pk swings.




            To offset signals into PSOC you can ac couple to a simple divider that


            supplies the offset to the input. Or you can use the following which eliminates


            couplig cap, just uses two R's -






            Excel spreadsheet to calc values attached.




            For PWM integrator, a simple RC network offten surfices. This ap note discusses tradeoff of


            settling time and ripple in the RC filter.










            Regards, Dana.