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    Benicia PMMC

      Just got the Benicia DVK yesterday and have a big question about PMMC, the reason to use Benicia is because it has build-in eMMC 4.41 host controller, that means I can issue COMMAND to access eMMC instead of read/write only, but from datasheet, PMMC is activate when connecting to a application processor with eMMC host. But if I already had eMMC host on the host AP, why I still need an additional Benicia to access eMMC?? Is it possible: MMC_D0 - MMC_D7/ MMC_CLK / MMC_CMD connect to eMMC device and then use PMMC interface to access eMMC device?


      Thank you!

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          Hi Yi,


          When you use Benicia following are the advantages that you get:


          1. It does not mandatory for AP to support eMMC functionality. The interface between AP and Benicia could be anything and you can still access the storage connected to Benicia.


          2. The major benefit that you get is side loading. Your AP will be free to do other tasks as Benicia is handling the storage.


          3. Your AP may not support the latest eMMC specification.






          sai krishna.

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            Thanks Sai, can S-Port be configured as slave interface, I want to use command to access MMC device.

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              No. S-port acts as eMMC/SD host controller. Benicia S-port needs to act as SD/eMMC host when it is handling the storage media (SD/eMMC) that is connected to it.




              sai krishna.

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                Sai, 2 questions:


                1. I want Benicai to be main (only one) processor in the system, can you provide me the example code of stand-alone firmware instead of API mode?

                2. I am now running the apitb.exe and want to connect to DVK, but always apitb give me the same error message GetFpgaHandle failed: -1

                cy_wb_hal_start failed with code -1

                I tracked into and found apitb can not find the deviceId 0x9030 at routine: SelectDevice(PLX_DEVICE_KEY *pKey), how to fix it?

                Thank you!