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    "Influence a Change" - Summer Special

      So I noticed the link for the Summer Specials going on,(www.cypress.com/ ) ,and decided to contribute to the "Influence a Change" one,which says that the top 3 ideas shall be given dev kits.Clicking on the "Contribute Now" link,and this is what the page says:


      As user of PSoC, Cypress would like to hear directly from you on how we can improve. Every idea counts and makes a difference.

      Our goal is to reach out to the users of PSoC and listen to what you have to say regarding Cypress product and services. You do not need to be Cypress customer to contribute, just register on our site and be a community member.

      First three people to contribute an idea win a free PSoC Development kit from a selection along with 5 rewards point. Rest would get 5 reward points for each submitted idea. Idea must be submitted in English language only.




      First 3 ideas,or Top 3 ideas? also, 5 reward points? Really now. ... And whats with the bad grammar? Makes the whole thing look trivial and shady.