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    Software merge

       Are there any plans to merge PSoC Creator with PSoC Designer??, it is really a time waste to have two design paltforms. PSoC designer is very boring to learn. 

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          That sounds like a pretty good idea, but aren't the chips too different?





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            We used to use PSOC1 but perfer to use PSOC3 now. as there is no need to get the ICE and no need to get the foot for different packages. My guess is more and more people would switch to PSOC3 and PSOC5 although the chip is more expensive, but save time during development of PCB and hardware, So more people woud switch to Creator.

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              Designer offers more control, Creator offers more ease of use


              Assembly programming is still offers the option to build the smallest code but it comes at an incredible price of taking much longer and being more error-prone.


              My preference is Creator, no doubt but because PSoC 1 devices are much simpler than PSOC 3 or PSoC 5, there is a case to make for a more control design environment.


              If Cypress decides to match the pricing of PSoC 1 devices with new versions supported by Creator, that's what will convince more users to jump the Designer fisherman boat and get aboard the Creator Cruise Ship


              You prefer Creator? Me2

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                Tools evolve with the silicon improvements. Cypress in a sense at a crossroads.


                Past it took a low MIPS core, merged with basic analog, and produced a great start at merging analog
                and digital domains. Ratchet forward 10+ years, they are selling tons of PSOC 1's, but technology has
                given them a 10X boost in core, a X boost in analog process. And merged digital signal processing to boot.


                Decision time, pour jillions $$ into merging an old technology into a new one. Or pour the manna into the
                new tool , the new process ? You decide.


                Designer gave us API calls we no longer had to write, duplicate, regurgitate, over and over and over….……ech.


                Creator has every bit as much control as Designer, register documentation not yet quite there, so perception
                is more control in Designer. But Creator has module design tool, most of us (me) have not yet learned. And of
                course VERILOG, no parallel in Designer.


                PSOC 1 still great for low end low cost designs. Until such time as Cypress decides to drop an old process.


                Some thoughts.


                Regards, Dana.