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    FX2LP vendor command




      I'm new on FX2LP development I have some issues with my device configuration and I want to check all register values I modified on my function TD_INIT(void) with a vendor command,


      Below you can see my vendor command code:




      case VR_USB_TEST_DESIGN:




                  EP0BUF[0] = EP2FIFOCFG;


                  EP0BUF[1] = EP4FIFOCFG;


                  EP0BUF[2] = EP6FIFOCFG;


                  EP0BUF[3] = EP8FIFOCFG;


                  EP0BUF[4] = PINFLAGSAB;


                  EP0BUF[5] = PORTACFG;


                  EP0BUF[6] = EP2CFG;


                  EP0BUF[7] = EP6CFG;


                  EP0BUF[8] = EP4CFG;


                  EP0BUF[9] = EP8CFG;


                  EP0BCH = 0;


                  EP0BCL = 10; // Arm endpoint with 10 bytes to transfer


          EP0CS |= bmHSNAK;






      It is a good way to check the FX2LP register values?