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    CY8CKIT-023 programming

      I  try to run CY8CKIT-001 PSoC 3 example project for CY8CKIT-023. I cannot program it due to "The hex file does not match with the acquired device, please check the device" error. I tried to change ES2 device to ES3 however on new version of Creator, there does not an option to select ES. When I try to program the device via Creator, there does not exist a connect button on port acquire.


      How can I program this project on  CY8C3866AXI-040 successfully?



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          The -023 kit is an expansion board, hence it will not be programmed. Instead the processor-module on the -001 board is the target. So this is the chip you have to select. If this is not the first project you try to run, take the settings from your last working project.


          Connect the Miniprog 3 to the swd connector and to USB. Select (under tools -> Options.. -> Program/Debug-> Port Configuration -> Miniprog 3 the SWD interface 10 pin, select your powering accordinglly (mostly external).


          Now you get full control via the Debug - menu, no need to explicitly "Program" your device, that is done automatically.


          When you select Debug -> Select Target you will see your Miniprog3 with the attached device. This you should select before you run another "Clean and Build"





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             I assigned all of these, but still I cannot program CY8C3866AXI-40. Connect button on the port acquire does not exist. Instead of connect button, "The device was recognized, but PSoC Creator does not support using it at this time." message occured. Since I am using Creator 2.1, I cannot change ES.


            How can I handle with this?



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              Creator 2.1 dropped support for PSoC3 ES version, it only supports production silicon. Check the release notes - I think version 2.0 might still support ES2 versions.


              There is a program to exchange old PSoC3 board to production silicon: www.cypress.com/ so maybe this helps you...