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      I have received the CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development KIT.


      The PSoC programmer don't dettects the MINIPROG3. I have read it must be dettected automatically, since it comes from a USB port.


      In fact I have the MINIPROG 1 and it is detteccted automatically. 


      Basically the slider port selecction into the psoc programmer is empty.


      If I go to:


      Project ==>Settings ==> Debugger


      Select ICE Device:


      Is empty too.


      Must I configure something?


      Thanks for all.

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          I have available the USB drivers and intalled properly.


          Even so, the computer don't recognize it.


          I'm sure it's a problem about the drivers.


          It is possible the USB MINIPROG 1 drivers would be in conflict with the MINIPROG 3 drivers?

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            I seem to have the same problem. I have the following setup:

            • Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
            • PSoC Designer 5.1 SP2 (just installed)
            • Miniprog3 Rev A with the latest firmware installed using PSoC 3.13
            • Miniprog3 windows driver is version

            In PSoC designer, I can select the programmer and program the target with no problems.


            If I go to Project->Settings->Debugger, the Select ICE Device is empty.


            I've just been moved onto an urgent project and haven't used the PSoC family before. However, everything in the Cypress documentation suggests I should be able to debug a PSoC1 with a Miniprog3. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?





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              I have had similiar problems on Miniprog 1, and power cycle the Miniprog


              by unplugging it sometimes fixes issue.




              Other times I go to "Computer", "Properties", "Device manager" and uninstall


              the driver, initiate a HW rescan, sometimes a reboot. Windows XP, Vista.




              No magic answer here.




              Regards, Dana.

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                Does your system's Device Manager show any "Unknown devices"?




                If yes, Uninstall that entry, and try re-connecting and installing the drivers again.




                Make sure you have the drivers installed (check whether there's a Windows Driver package entry for it under Add/Remove programs in your system's Control Panel), else re-install PSoC Programmer and try again.




                If nothing works you might be have a defective unit  :(

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                  The Miniprog3 doesn't show up under Debugger options in Designer. You'll only be able to see the CY3215 ICE debugger there, when it is connected to the PC.





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                    When using Miniprog 3 and PSoC 1 you should connect your target with the SSP-connector and not with the SWD which is used by the ICE.


                    When using Miniprog 3 and PSoC3 or 5 you should connect your target with the SWD-connection (ribbon-cable) and set in the options everything accordingly.


                    In Creator use Debug -> Select Debug Target and see, if Miniprog shows up.