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    68013A (128 pin) and USART0 Rx&TX Interrupts



      I'm using this uC to control a RS232 port. I enabled the interrupt


      and I can read a received payload of 3 bytes by a vendor command and an interrupt routine.


      I have problem when I try to write because I suppose the interrupt routine is triggered, something goes wrong and the 


      uC won't answer. Could you help me?


      How do I manage the writing operation skipping the interrupt?




      This in the TD_Init:


       CPUCS = ((CPUCS & ~bmCLKSPD) | bmCLKSPD1) ; //Setting up the clock frequency




       T2CON = 0x34 ;


      RCAP2H  = 0xFF ;


      RCAP2L = 0xD9;


      SCON0 = 0x5A ;




      IE|= bmBIT4;




      The interrupt routine:




      #include "fx2.h"


      #include "fx2regs.h"


      #include "fx2sdly.h"            // SYNCDELAY macro


      extern BYTE Cont;


      extern BYTE rbuf[10];


      void IRS_USART0(void) interrupt 4




      if (RI != 0)




        RI = 0;












      else if(TI!=0)





          THE VENDOR COMMAND    
          case V_READING:   





      while (TI == 0) ;


      TI = 0 ;


      SBUF0 = ch ;