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    ScBoostClock Error

      Has anyone seen this error before:


      "sdb.M0033:An error occured when binding instance "ScBoostClk" of symbol "cy_clock_v1_60": (The given key was not present in the dictionary.)


      File: PGA_v1_70.cysch




      I find it weird that my project does not include a PGA in it (however my workspace does) yet I'm still getting this error when I build. It seems to come and go randomly, meaning I can build it perfectly sometimes, and other times it throws this error. Currently I changed a digital output pin to a digital output and input pin so that I can write a value to it and also have it drive the clock of my counter. In doing so it brought about the above error.

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          There are other components which seem to refer / use the PGA: Mixer, Sample&Hold and TIA. Do you use one of them?


          When I read correctly what I can found (using the scBoostClock reference as search string) in this component, it seems to be activated when Vdda is below 2.7V. Did you change that configuration in your project? (I think this may also happen when a higher voltage is set and the extended temperature range is used)


          Maybe you can upload your project here, so we can have a look into it.

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            The project has changed some since I posted, and I no longer receive that error but I have not used any of those functions you listed. I have not changed the configuration and Vdda should still be 5V.


            If you wouldn't mind, I also get a lot of warnings about multiple call to function and I'm unsure as to why.

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               I coudn't reproduce the error. How oftern do u see this? Everytime you build?





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                After a clean and re-compile I got the warnings as well.




                You are awakening all your devices in the interrupt-routine of the sleep-timer. This is not as suggested:


                After sending the chip asleep the cpu stalls, no further instructions are executed. When the chip is woken up again (from an interrupt for instance) then, when returned from the interrupt the next instruction after the send-to-sleep will be executed.


                So I would suggest just to set a flag in your interrupt-routine which you may thest when woken up again and then re-enable all of your devices.




                This particular warnings you've got will not disturb your program flow. because one reference is in the startup-code of the chip which is usually executed only once, but I would try to avoid any warnings.





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                  Thanks Bob that makes sense I didn't really think about that.


                  I changed my interrupt to:


                          wakeup_Flag = 1;


                  Then in my main loop:


                          if(wakeup_Flag == 1)
                              wakeup_Flag = 0;
                              wakeup_Count += 1;
                              //case 0:{}
                              case 1:{}
                              //case 2:{}
                              //case 3:{}
                              case 4:{
                                  wakeupCount = 0;


                  So this should put it to sleep, upon wake up from the sleep timer it will set the flag, then call CyPmReadStatus()


                  It will increment my counter, step through the case statement and then go back to sleep correct?

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                    Not exactly: after wakeup immediately restore all clocks. There are some results of a query, look here https://secure.cypress.com/?app=search&searchType=keyword&keyword=psoc3+sleep&submit-part.x=0&submit-part.y=0 





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                       Hi Imperfectseven,




                      we are investing the cause for the error in post#1. Could you please let us know what version of PSoC Creator are using? Version 1.0/2.0/ 2.1(EA) ?







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                        I am using creator 2.0


                        The error still shows up every now and then as I make changes, I will update on its next occurance.

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                          Is it possible to move the sleep() outside the main while loop so that at startup the device goes into sleep then during the wake up interrupts from the sleep timer I increment that counter.


                          At certain values of that timer I turn on certain components using a function call (componentWake())


                          That section will then operate as normal and after it creates it own interrupt it will go back to sleep by calling sleep() in that interrupt




                          To me it sounds like that is possible but as soon as I move the sleep function outside of the main loop and run it it seems as though the device never wakes up.

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                            Attached is my most recent project that gives me the Sc_Boost_Clock error.


                            If you connect the Wake pin to the Master_ISR and delete the Wake_Write line in the My_Master_ISR interrupt then the error should go away.

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                              I then changed the Wake_Write() line to:










                              After a couple more compiles the error goes away

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                                Has anyone figured out an explanation for this error? It has shown back up in a different project I am working on, except this time I get the error twice.


                                I am expecting it to have something to do with the IPGA, PGA, S/H as mentioned earlier, but what is it that is actually causing it and how can I get it to go away?


                                My project is attached.

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                                  I opened your project(s) and did a "Clean and Build" which instantly compiled without any errors but with 3 warnings.


                                  I observed that many of your components are availlable in a newer version, so I suggest you try to update to Creator 2.1.





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                                    Oh, ok I'll try that. I was not aware there was a 2.1 thank you Bob

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