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    i2c eeprom bootimage build



      I am using FX3, and I am new to Eclipse IDE.


      sorry for simple question on IDE.


      For me the USB booting is working, I am able to test BulkLoopTest with "Control Center" application.


      here I try to boot from I2C EEPROM. 


      From the thread, I understand that we need to change the i2c conf in the elf2img application, for creating the boot image for i2c support.




      In Eclipse, I created new project and tried compilation for this but it throws warning and no elf file created.


      But for the other projects those I import are built and created.


      1. how to compile on this?


      2. how to create the img file using the elf2img application? 


      FYKI, I have checked the PMODE pins for I2C booting.