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    FFT computation

       i want to carry out FFT using PSoC5


      i would like to know what is  the computtation speed of FFt by PSoC5

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          I would at first sight say: That depends on your algorithms you use, the program, the speed of fetching the values, the width of the ADC-values, the number of points and.... and... and..


          I am afraid I'm not able to draw a number right out of my hat and give you an exact reply with so few information.


          When you have more precise specs for your project or when you can deliver some more data there is a chance to calculate a bit.


          Bob .

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            This is crude, but attached is a PSOC 1 FFT implementation.




            You could get a crude answer by scaling MIPS in PSOC 1 with PSOC 5, project


            thruput. Or examine multiply/add times and scale that way. All of which is crude.




            There are a number of algorithims, and many texts on this subject, all with different


            results. Even type of input signal can influence design.




            So to Bob's point the questions begs the algorithim you want to use, and of


            course the math precision, signal type, etc...




            Regards, Dana.

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               i would like to carr y 128 point  FFT.


              The pdf attached just tallks about FFT.But FFT computation in Firmware is a complex process.


              we need to take care of complex operations.


              So an optimised code is one which can not only compute  FFT but also memory management is essential. Do you have any documents related to this???

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                I believe something akin to this is being worked on by Kendall,


                contact him at Kendall Castor-Perry [kvcp@cypress.com].




                Regards, Dana.

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                  There is the newly released assembler for the DFB in PSOC 3/5 -








                  Regards, Dana.