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    Why no complex projects in PSoC creator

      Hello All


      I just want to give a suggestion , the components in PSoC are amazing no doubt in that but there are very simple projects that come with it....


      you may say the size will be greater never mind ,but creator will be worthy...


      You may point to some app notes but also there are no app notes for some of the components........


      Please can you guys do many app noyes and provide utilisation of many of the features which amatuers cannot work on...

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          And one more thing....


          Complex projects in the sense there are many component parameters ,but not all are utilised.....

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            Harty, there ARE complex projects, browse through the appnotes and you'll see a bunch of them.


            The reason you don't find them right here is that in this forum usually we (the developers) try to get something to work which we will not (or may not) at that stage of development show to the open public. When you browse throug this forum you'll get a feeling of how complex solutions developed with PSoCs are.


            Have a look at the videos from PSoCToday with Dave van Ess, there are some VERY interesting projects.





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               Every project would have different hardware/software requirments. PSOC is so flexible that with the libaray provide. We can design our project by mixing all those components. As bob suggested, search the AppNotes and there are more complicated projects. 


              You can also post your project requirments and issues so people here can contibute for a solution. Then we can have the component add to the community component library. 

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                Yes i agree with you, the customer projects or IPs cannot be revealed.


                I just wanted to point out that there are  various parameters available in various componenets which even the datasheet does not cover properly, and I worked like trial and error method to find out the solution......


                When i completed some project and someone asks in detail i fail to answer them...and i cannot say that the datasheet lacked them..


                it is fortunate that you guys are here for help.......and the forum to post the dumbest of all doubts.... 

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                  can you give some examples, where parameters are not explained completely? I work on a very large project (sensor interface instead of an asic) and did not yet found any? Okay the dfb assembler needs a bit more docu and app notes.







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                    I agree that some library documentation needs improving, that is part of the purpose of the forum, so Cypress can improve.


                    If you have particular problem of a component, people here may be able to help.


                    Just post your question and if possible your project.