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    CapSense Tuner I2C Connection Problem

       I already followed all the instructions posted on this website:




      Or the instructions on the CapSense_CSD[v3.10]  datasheet, section CapSense Tuning Process, page 30; and I still have problems when I click Start on the CapSense_CSD Tuner. I get the message:


      Read operation failed! Check I2C bus connection.


      Is there any further instructions, like some code I have to add or some pin assignment for the EZI2C that haven't been included in the datasheets?


      This is my code in main.c:




      void main()








      EZI2C_Start(); // Extra line attempting to fix the connection problem.


      EZI2C_Enable(); // Extra line attempting to fix the connection problem.














      Thank you!!