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    Square wave

      This is simple 8bit square wave oscillator.




      Example soon.





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          This is little example for some my new modules. (WolframCA, Pwm8, SquareWave, DeltaSigmaDAC)




          Please connect speaker or headphones between Pin P0(0)  and gnd pin. (passive LP filter will be better)




          My idea for future component is mini modular 8bit digital synthesizer with algoritmic and chaotic patterns.








          Sorry my bad english

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            Thank you very much Kamil sharing your code with us. I am afraid that professional developers will hesitate to use
            1st modules that already exist in the cypress component library and do not show at first glance an improvement


            2nd Coming without any documentation, no max or typical values, n o ratings


            3rd without some different examples / test cases




            But there is a forum just for this cases where users may post components and I think they will get a lot of help from other members to complete documentation, etc. Look here http://www.cypress.com/?id=4337 
            and here http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2492&rID=65060 




            Happy coding



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               Sorry for the posts so I will not continue to send these components and leave them only for personal use.




              Please, therefore the deletion of these posts.




              Sorry for my bad English. (I use google translator)




              Sincerely kamil

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                 I think it is good for you to share your components here, but a bit more information would be better for others to understand how it works and how to use it.


                It is not that you should not post to people here, but the component forum is the best place to put this kinds of works together in one place.

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                  Yes, Just as Ileung states, we do not want to keep you from posting your work, but it should fit into the right place (forum).


                  This here is the place to post experiences, problems or ideas to improve PSoC Creator-software. There is -as I told already- a forum that holds exactly what you have got: self-created components to use by the community. At first sight the requirements for those might be a bit much-to-do, but that is really a requitement for developers to use them without any risk.


                  Nobody here will say a word about the language you use, I think most of us are not native english speaking and it  differs from country to country how long (if any) we have had the opportunity to learn to speak and write in english. If there is a point we do not understand you right, we will ask.





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                    Your posts in "Community Components" are in the right area I believe.




                    I think that poster sharing basic ideas makes sense, even though there may


                    not be complete timing info available. Especially where there are clock rates


                    way below design maxes. You do have the static timing analyzer to use to


                    establish maxes should you so desire. Note other module posters have not


                    supplied docs or timing, I think thats OK for general idea dissemination.




                    Bobs points about documentation makes sense, simple description why you


                    did certain things, why you did not use the standard PWM8 component for


                    example, the significance of the  DelSigma DAC solution not in our library, that


                    leads onlooker to an understanding of what you did.




                    Now my curiosity is up, what is the overall description/functionality of what you are doing ?


                    I built crude music synthesizers in the early 70's out logic, saw the evolution of DSP for


                    basic instruments, but have lost touch with what is going on.




                    Regards, Dana.

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                      Yes, I apologise for thinking your posts beeing in the wrong forum, I took the link-line above (starting with "home" and it didn't show up to be in "Community Components" where I would expect posts like yours. But you're in the right place. There is a brand-new exanple of a component with some documentation and a small example project, I think that is what we (at least me) would like to have, Again (you are theelin to have problems with the english language) we are willing to help you of course to get over any hinderings.