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    Matrix Keyboard


      I've tried to find a component of the keyboard for PSoC Creator but only found the project from  bobmarlowe:  "Matrix Keyboard Solution"
      This is a surprise. I had hoped to find more - don't want to reinvent the wheel.
      Project for me too complicated, and I tried to simplify and attached below.

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          You've done a nice piece of work and I'm glad to find my o'le Keyboard matrix program again.


          Obviously the "complicated" part that you ommitted had to do with the interrupt driven key capture. The idea behind that was a user might press a key at a time the system is not checking explicitely for a keypress. So the keypress is accepted and stored in a circular buffer from where it could be read later on. Additionally I had implemented a key-repeat function that had the opportunity like your PC-keyboard to repeat a keypress when the key is held down longer periods.


          As a professional programmer I am used to certain APIs regarding reading keys.


          One is


          uint8 IsKeyPressed(void);   // Returns zero if a key was pressed


          uint8 GetKey();  // Read a key, blocks if no key pressed


          and for the C - nerds


          void UngetKey(ui8nt8 Key);   // put Key back into keybuffer may be used to simulate keystrokes




          If you'd like to improve your component contact me under briefe@jmeiersoftware.de and we can team-work on that subject.





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            And, by the way, you ought to update your components to the newest version. When I opened your project every component you used had a newer version in my installation.





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              Thanks Bob, I have already updated. I am glad that you liked my work. As long as I'm limited to lack of time and experience in programming in C.
              Due to possibilities of PSoC Creator and a huge number of examples I was able to once again make friends with microcontrollers at a serious level.
              But I still early to ask for your help: I still haven't even finished reading a textbook on C. PSoC Creator does for me most of the work.



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                I just updated the documentation of the Keyboard.c - file, i can send it to you for better understanding what I intentionally wanted to get to work and how I did.


                Drop me an email, so we do not uveruse this forum which we better use for presenting our results (hopefully)





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                  My mailserver crashed due to the heat (>40°C) will be up again on monday.