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    Don't programmer Psoc3 with miniprog3

      I using CY8CKIT-009 Kit with CY8CKIT-001, Psoc CY8C3866AXI-040.


       I can not schedule with psoc programmer from version 4.0 to 5.1, and when I try to use the psoc creator 2.1, it's wrong. When I use version 3.13.4 psoc programmer, he can program, but when using the vo pcoc creator 2.1 it says the device is being used by another program, and only he is open.







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          I had a similar issue recently, Re-installation allone did not help.


          So I de-installed ALL Cypress's Programs (Creator, Designer,Programmer)


          Then I freed all USB-devices (Free program USBDeview) Re-boot


          Then downloading latest Designer 5.2 and Creator 2.1 and installing (complete), that helped.





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             I uninstalled previous versions and installed the latest, I used the program that I recommend the usb and uninstalled all the usb, but when I configure the 2.1 psoc creator gave the message: Warning: dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire . There may be the devices attached, or the device may be in use by another application "and does not constitute giving psoc programmer busy and soon fail.

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              I would suggest you to create a technical case


              Support -> technical support -> create a case





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                 It seems some drivers are messed up. What version of Windows do you have?




                Sometimes deinstalling will not completely remove all drivers.




                1) Try uninstalling PSoCProgrammer and disconnect all Miniprog3.




                2) Try Microsoft Cleanup Utility (if you can find, otherwise let me know) to see if any traces are left.




                3) Check if the CyMiniProg3Service is removed from services.msc and check if CyMiniProg3Service.exe isn't running.




                4) Reinstall PSoCprogrammer.







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                   Oh, and don't forget to check the devicemanager on yellow exclamation marks. Repair the drivers if any problems are noticed...

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                     I also had a very similar problem.


                    I was using Miniprog 3 to program a PSoC 5 device.


                    My PC went to sleep, (not standby) and when I woke it up the miniprog was locked out with the same issues you see.


                    In my case nothing would resolve it apart from a reboot. I thought at the time that it was a problem with the powermangement section of the miniprog driver.