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    FX3 Endpoint Configuration error - only with endpoint 6

      Using SDK 1.2 I have modified the SlaveFifoSync5Bit example to use 2bit address interface with 4 Bulk endpoints, 2 IN, 2 OUT using four DMA threads


      In file SlaveFifoSync5Bit/cyfxslfifosync.h I have altered the define statements to:


      (In this configuration the code runs correctly and enumerates).


      #define CY_FX_EP_PRODUCER_1                0x02    /* EP 2 OUT  */
      #define CY_FX_EP_PRODUCER_2                0x04    /* EP 4 OUT  */

      #define CY_FX_EP_CONSUMER_1                0x88    /* EP 8 IN  */
      #define CY_FX_EP_CONSUMER_2                0x82    /* EP 2 IN  */




      However if I use the following define statement, FX3 returns DMAChannelCreateFailed, error code 64. I can set CY_FX_EP_CONSUMER_2  to different endpoints other than 6 and it will work correctly. Why does it not work with EP6?


      #define CY_FX_EP_CONSUMER_2                0x86    /* EP 6 IN  */