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    fx3 DMA Error

      Hello  everyone




      Dma transfer meet an error  when the transfer size is more than 0x300,Use CyU3PDmaChannelGetStatus to get the DMA statue and the return status is CY_U3P_DMA_ERROR.what can lead the error ,and how can I solve it

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          Please change the starting piece of code in the main function as shown below, if you are using GPIF II in 32-bit mode.


          CyU3PIoMatrixConfig_t io_cfg;
              CyU3PReturnStatus_t status = CY_U3P_SUCCESS;
              CyU3PSysClockConfig_t clkCfg = {
                      2, 2, 2,

              /* Initialize the device */
              status = CyU3PDeviceInit (&clkCfg);
              if (status != CY_U3P_SUCCESS)
                  goto handle_fatal_error;

              /* Initialize the caches. Enable instruction cache and keep data cache disabled.
               * The data cache is useful only when there is a large amount of CPU based memory
               * accesses. When used in simple cases, it can decrease performance due to large
               * number of cache flushes and cleans and also it adds to the complexity of the
               * code. */


          Let me know the result after doing this modification.




          sai kirshna.

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             Hello RSKV




            Thank you very much,The problem has been solved with your suggestion.The issue confused me a week.I am so hanppy the moment of solved the problem. I have notivecd the clock (status = CyU3PDeviceInit (NULL);)last week ,I know you add a parameter in the CyU3PSysClockConfig_t from SDK V1.1.1 , I also went to configure the CyU3PSysClockConfig_t to replease the NULL.But I failed ,becouse I don't know how to configure the other parameter expected setSysClk400 and all the examples are configuration with NULL.So I thought the NULL is the corrected configuration.So I suggest you add the configuration infomation in the examples  with the new release SDK ,maybe others will meet the same issue. 






            Best regards